Amicus House

Located in an unassuming barn-like residence in San Jose, California, Amicus House is a 12-step-based rehab facility offering quality, cost-effective drug and alcohol treatment to residents of Silicon Valley. The success rate at Amicus House is 67% for clients who complete the three phases of the rehab’s recovery program, which means about two-thirds of Amicus graduates maintain their sobriety for two years after treatment, without relapsing. According to the Amicus House website, the rehab believes that “quality recovery is a direct result of qualified and caring staff working together with our clients toward the common goal of sobriety.” Amicus House is certified under the Santa Clara County Drug and Alcohol Certification Program, and actually helped create and develop the certification guidelines of the program.

Treatment at Amicus House

Amicus House can accommodate up to 14 residents during the primary care phase of treatment, which lasts for 30 days and includes such services as individual counseling, 12-Step meetings, gender-specific group counseling, addiction education, life skills education, and behavior modification. A typical day at Amicus House begins with breakfast at 8am, followed by meditation and/or exercise and group education classes before lunch. After lunch, clients participate in a group counseling session, followed by individual counseling with a trained therapist, and a 12-Step meeting before dinner. After dinner, clients attend another 12-Step meeting, followed by an end-of-the-day recap at 10pm, before bedtime.

After the first 30 days of treatment, clients at Amicus House transition to outpatient treatment, a three-month program that includes three counseling sessions per week and daily 12-Step meetings. During this stage of treatment, clients reside in a sober living environment, where they can work and/or go to school while undergoing treatment. Amicus House also offers an aftercare phase of treatment, which focuses on relapse prevention.

Amicus House Reviews

Since 1998, Amicus House has provided individuals in San Jose, California, the tools and skills they need to free themselves from the grips of addiction and live a happy and healthy life as productive members of society, and the rehab facility earned an impressive rating of 4.9 out of five stars from reviewers on Facebook. Says one Amicus House graduate, Patricia N., in a testimonial posted on the rehab’s Facebook page, “I love this place. I graduated from Amicus and feel that it is the only place I could have gotten clean. Today I celebrate 15 years of recovery and I thank you [Amicus House] for showing me the way.” Says another, Darci R., “Amicus House saved my life! I could never express how incredibly grateful I am for the tools they gave me to live the life I live today. Celebrating 3.5 years clean!”


Amicus House
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