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Bayview Hunters Point Foundation is a substance abuse and behavioral health center in the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood of San Francisco, California, offering quality treatment services for individuals struggling with chemical dependency and mental health disorders, with specialized services for San Francisco youth re-entering the community from the juvenile justice system. Bayview Hunters Point is historically an African American community, and the Bayview Hunters Point Foundation treatment center is dedicated to providing the necessary health, social and human services to adults and youth in need in southeastern San Francisco and the surrounding areas, with the goal of acting as “a responsive and responsible voice for the community” and “build[ing] a community that is empowered, clean, safe, and healthy,” as the facility’s website states.

Treatment at Bayview Hunters Point Foundation

Treatment at Bayview Hunters Point Foundation consists of three core programs: youth services, substance abuse disorders services and behavioral health services. The youth services program at Bayview provides a wide range of services for youth in San Francisco who need assistance with substance abuse or re-entering the community from the juvenile justice system, or who need help improving their communication and building valuable life skills. The substance abuse program at Bayview provides outpatient, evidence-based services for individuals 18 and older who need assistance to stop using heroin, including individual and group counseling, motivational interviewing, and methadone maintenance. Finally, Bayview Hunters Point Foundation’s behavioral health program specializes in recovery-oriented treatment for clients of all ages, providing community-based prevention, support and early detection for mental health issues, including diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation services.

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Founded in 1971, in response to growing concerns about neighborhood crime, Bayview Hunters Point Foundation originally served the needs of poor, African American men in San Francisco, who had less-than-adequate legal representation. In the years since, Bayview Hunters Point Foundation has expanded its services to include adult and child mental health, substance abuse treatment, services for juvenile offenders, prevention services for youth, and methadone treatment for heroin addiction. Says one youth services client at Bayview Hunters Point Foundation, “This program has helped me stop using marijuana and use my time wisely by doing something I like and am interested in.” Says another long-time Bayview client, “I know that I’m going to be okay during the week until my next session, because my therapist is able to help me manage my emotions so that I am not overwhelmed and stuck on what other people do or say.”


Bayview Hunters Point Foundation

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Bayview Hunters Point Foundation

on 12 September 2016

this place is badly run and they don’t know what they are doing , its very hard to get cured here on top of it they make you wait for a long time.
doctor is no good.
dr inna barg is a pure idiot and that is not just my opinion is two other people too.
and if you talk it just gets worse

by: ashlea bozuwa READ REVIEW