Father Alfred Center

A part of the St. Anthony’s outreach and social services program in San Francisco, California, the Father Alfred Center is a residential recovery program providing services specifically designed for homeless men struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders. The Father Alfred Center is equipped to handle 70 men at once, and provides vital counseling, recovery and workforce development services, with the goal of breaking the cycle of poverty, addiction and homelessness, and improving the recovery chances of men with no income or resources who are ready to build clean and sober futures.

Treatment at Father Alfred Center

The Father Alfred Center is a year-long, work-structured program designed to provide homeless men with the tools necessary to overcome their addiction problem, and the support they need to establish healthy and productive lives free from drugs or alcohol. During the first six months of the treatment program at the Father Alfred Center, men prepare meals and volunteer in St. Anthony’s Dining Room, feeding poor and homeless individuals and families in the San Francisco area who lack the resources to provide food for themselves.

Men enrolled in the Father Alfred Center recovery program also participate in St. Anthony’s technology lab, which offers intensive computer classes, life skills training and job search counseling, to ensure that they are work-ready, and to improve their chances of finding stable employment and housing after graduating from the Father Alfred Center program. The recovery program also features an aftercare component that includes regular activities with participation from graduates and current clients, to remind clients that recovery is possible, and to help ensure the long-term success of graduates.

Father Alfred Center Reviews

The Father Alfred Center and the St. Anthony Foundation have provided essential social support and recovery services to thousands of homeless and poverty-stricken individuals in San Francisco, and those who have benefitted from the recovery program and other St. Anthony’s services have nothing but good things to say about the California facility, which earned an impressive rating of 4.8 out of five stars from reviewers on its Facebook page. Says one Facebook reviewer, James C., “Everyone will need a helping hand one day and I am so glad that organizations like St. Anthony’s and their volunteers and donors are out there every day taking care of our community and its people.” Says another, Cherry P., “Truly amazing – from the staff to the volunteers and the kindness with which they treat the population they serve.”


Father Alfred Center
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