Good Shepherd Gracenter

Good Shepherd Gracenter is a nonprofit, 13-bed, residential rehab facility in San Francisco, California, operated by the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, and designed to serve the needs of women between the ages of 18 and 35, who have completed a recovery program, or who have been clean and sober for at least 30 days, and are in need of transitional housing or sober living services. Good Shepherd Gracenter fosters a community of like-minded women in recovery who support one another in maintaining their sobriety and other common goals, and payment at the California rehab facility is assessed on a sliding fee scale that takes into account income and other factors that may affect an individual’s ability to pay.

Treatment at Good Shepherd Gracenter

The primary goal of the treatment program at Good Shepherd Gracenter is to provide individualized, 12-step-based treatment and long-term transitional housing services to San Francisco women without resources, to help them break free from the harmful cycle of alcoholism and drug addiction. The core values of the Good Shepherd Gracenter program are Mercy, Reconciliation, Zeal and Individual Worth, and by staying true to these values, the California rehab facility seeks to establish a safe and nurturing environment where women in recovery can experience positive growth and healing. Among the services available at Good Shepherd Gracenter are:

• Case management
• 12-Step meetings
• Weekly house meetings
• Monthly workshops
• Transitional living services

Clients at Good Shepherd Gracenter make a six-month commitment, and can stay at the rehab for up to 24 months, in order to achieve their long-term recovery goals. During their stay at Gracenter, clients also work, go to school, or do volunteer work.

Good Shepherd Gracenter Reviews

Founded in 1961, as the Grace Cottage, a place where young women with nowhere else to go could seek help, Good Shepherd Gracenter continues to provide women in recovery a safe haven where they can maintain their sobriety and work towards their long-term recovery goals. Says one former Good Shepherd Gracenter client, Raven, in a testimonial featured on the rehab’s website, “Recovery is a wonderful blessing to have. My son has his mother, my parents have their daughter, and I have a new me…I have my life back.” Says another, Esmerelda, “In the past, I’ve wanted these programs to end quickly so I could continue on my path. Being in a place where I don’t have to be afraid to talk or express my feelings gave me the confidence I needed to live a more safe and meaningful life.”


Good Shepherd Gracenter
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