Horizons Unlimited of San Francisco

Horizons Unlimited of San Francisco is a nonprofit youth development and empowerment organization in San Francisco, California, committed to providing culturally competent and linguistically sensitive programs designed to engage, education and inspire youth, primarily at-risk Latino youth between the ages of 12 and 26, who reside in the Mission District area of San Francisco. By providing valuable treatment services and community resources to individuals in this under-served area, Horizons Unlimited of San Francisco seeks to prevent at-risk youth from engaging in “risky behaviors that threaten their well-being and future prospects,” according to the organization’s website.

Treatment at Horizons Unlimited of San Francisco

The primary goal of the program at Horizons Unlimited of San Francisco is to help at-risk youth and families in San Francisco and the surrounding communities overcome the harmful symptoms of poverty, which can include neighborhood violence, gang affiliation, poor academic performance, developmental delays, arrests, and truancy. The advocacy programs and support services available at Horizons Unlimited of San Francisco include the following:

Substance Abuse Treatment – An outpatient treatment program designed to minimize the impact of substance abuse in the lives of youth and their families.

Mental Health Program – Serves the needs of youth and families whose mental health problems put them at significant risk, but who are traditionally unwilling to seek treatment.

Prevention Programs – Promoting healthy life choices in order to reduce the incidence and impact of chemical dependency and violence.

Gender Specific Programs – Designed to strengthen and empower under-served young women and youths of color through the Females Against Violence program.

Employment & Entrepreneurship – The Lifeworks Program and The Mayor’s Youth Employment and Education Program, the largest after-school youth employment program in the San Francisco area.

The DJ Project – An arts entrepreneurship program that uses music to engage young adults.

Horizons Unlimited of San Francisco Reviews

Since 1965, Horizons Unlimited has operated as a strong advocacy organization and resource for thousands of youth and families in the Latino community of San Francisco’s Mission District area. Says one graduate of the Horizons Unlimited of San Francisco program, Donald S., in a testimonial featured on the organization’s website, “In short, Horizons and everyone affiliated have helped me to grow into the young adult that I am today. I will forever be grateful for the life skills that were happily passed down to me from the kind-hearted people here.” Says another, Brenda M., “Horizons has taught me to become a better listener and [has given me] the chance to work with different kinds of youth. It also kept me off the streets and has made me look at things in life in a positive way.”


Horizons Unlimited of San Francisco
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