Mission Council on Alcohol Abuse

The Mission Council on Alcohol Abuse for the Spanish Speaking is a nonprofit substance abuse treatment center in San Francisco, California, offering culturally competent, community-based services that are accessible to any and all individuals struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, with specialized services for multiple DUI offenders. The Mission Council on Alcohol Abuse has been in operation since 1978, and is committed to addressing the needs of the under-served individuals, families and groups of the San Francisco community, in a culturally relevant setting. The California rehab also offers dual-diagnosis treatment for clients suffering from co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders.

Treatment at Mission Council on Alcohol Abuse

The main goal of treatment at the Mission Council on Alcohol Abuse is to prevent, minimize and treat alcohol and other drug-related problems for individuals and families in San Francisco who have been historically under-served in terms of mental health care and substance abuse treatment. The California rehab seeks to do this by providing leadership and community care services in a culturally relevant setting, where clients can feel safe and attended to. Among the various treatment programs available at the Mission Council on Alcohol Abuse are:

Family Day Treatment Program – Providing family-focused services to parents, their children and extended family members, in order to counteract the adverse consequences of alcoholism and drug addiction on the individual and his or her loved ones.

Outpatient Program – Combines education with individual counseling and group process to help clients understand the addiction process, learn how to maintain abstinence, and work towards achieving their treatment goals.

Dry Zone DUI Programs – A state-licensed program for individuals who have been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or another controlled substance, including an 18-month, 12-month, 9-month, and eight-week wet reckless option.


Mission Council on Alcohol Abuse
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