New Life Recovery Centers

New Life Recovery Centers operates a number of substance abuse recovery facilities in San Jose, California, with a range of programs that include non-medical detox, residential, day, and outpatient programs, as well as family programming and sober living services. According to the New Life Recovery Centers website, the rehab believes that every person suffering from the “chronic, progressive and incurable” disease of addiction has the ability to achieve long-term recovery, as long as they have “the strong determination to live and to change.” The average length of treatment at New Life Recovery Centers varies depending on each client’s individual recovery needs, and the staff there includes trained psychologists and certified drug and alcohol addiction counselors, but no medical professionals.

Treatment at New Life Recovery Centers

Treatment at New Life Recovery Centers is entrenched in the 12-Step recovery method developed by Alcoholics Anonymous, and all programs offered by New Life come with lifetime aftercare services. Clients at New Life benefit from personalized treatment plans that are tailored to their individual recovery needs, and which may include components of individual counseling, educational lectures and workshops, group therapy, 12-Step meetings and relapse prevention services. In addition to residential treatment, New Life Recovery Centers also offers outpatient services and day treatment, which includes six hours of care at least six days a week. Overall, New Life Recovery Centers operates on the notion that addiction is a fatal disease that can be placed in “remission” if clients participate in the rehab’s recovery process, in combination with a 12-Step program like AA or NA.

New Life Recovery Centers Reviews

Graduates of the New Life Recovery Centers program praise the rehab for its excellent staff, welcoming atmosphere and clean accommodations, and the California rehab earned a rating of 4.5 out of five stars from reviewers on Says one former New Life Recovery Centers client, Dre D., in a Google testimonial, “New Life literally saved my life. At a time when I was hopeless and had no options, the staff and program gave me the foundations I needed to live a normal and productive life. I believe in New Life because of what it has done for me.” Says another, Timothy C., “The New Life Recovery program saved my life. I’ve struggled with drugs and alcohol for over 30 years and prior to New Life I was living in the darkness of addiction. I highly recommend this program to anyone struggling with addiction or anyone that struggles with the challenges we all face in life.”


New Life Recovery Centers
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