Ohlhoff Recovery Programs

Located on the historic Henry Ohlhoff estate in San Francisco’s Alamo Square District, Ohlhoff Recovery Programs is a rehabilitation facility offering both short- and long-term substance abuse treatment based on the 12-Step recovery method developed by Alcoholics Anonymous. For more than 50 years, Ohlhoff Recovery Programs has provided quality, cost-effective programs for adults and adolescents struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Today, the main goal of Ohlhoff Recovery Programs is to provide the highest quality of treatment services for the disease of addiction, empowering clients to take responsibility for their own recovery, and teaching them to live a balanced, sober life, through structured daily schedules, intensive therapy and education, and frequent attendance at 12-Step meetings.

Treatment at Ohlhoff Recovery Programs

In an effort to meet the needs of the community it serves, Ohlhoff Recovery Programs operates three unique substance abuse programs: the Skip Byron Primary Program, a 30-day intensive, highly-structured clinical program for adults in the beginning stages of recovery from an addiction to drugs or alcohol; the Henry Ohlhoff House, a six- to 12-month residential program for men, providing long-term treatment based on the social model of recovery; and the Ohlhoff Outpatient Programs, providing individualized, outpatient treatment options for adults, adolescents and families. Among the myriad treatment services available at Ohlhoff Recovery Programs are:

• Individual and group counseling
• Psychiatric care
• Addiction education groups
• Nutrition education
• Yoga and meditation
• Family therapy
• Relapse prevention
• Dual-diagnosis treatment
• 12-Step participation and education

Ohlhoff Recovery Programs Reviews

Since the first Ohlhoff Recovery Programs facility was founded in 1958, the organization has helped adults, adolescents and families throughout San Francisco achieve and maintain long-term recovery from chemical dependency. Says one current Ohlhoff Recovery Programs client, in a testimonial posted on yelp.com, “I can’t tell you how grateful I am to be at Ohlhoff and working on a solid program and in the hands of caring professional therapists, counselors, director and staff. If you want positive results and have the desire to recover this is the place to be.” A graduate of the Ohlhoff program, Brad K., says, “It’s scary going into unknown places like this and committing to stay there through the hardships for 6-12 months. But it was one of the best choices I ever made and I actually had a lot of fun here too. If you’re looking into treatment in [San Francisco] I strongly recommend you check this place out and interview the dedicated staff.”


Ohlhoff Recovery Programs
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