A drug treatment rehabilitation center should be a place that facilitates change and offers its clients their best chance of living a life free of addiction. There are more than 14,000 specialized drug treatment programs in the United States which employ a wide range of treatment techniques designed to do just that. If the overall goal of treatment is rehabilitation, it is natural that some settings and techniques will work for better for some people than others. After all, people are complex and so is addiction, and what might be just right for one person might be a total nightmare for another.

Personal preferences and individual needs are key factors as to whether a rehab program will be successful. There is no one rehab center that is right for everyone, but there is an acceptable standard that a client should expect. This article will explore what one should expect from a rehab center, and discuss the important role that reviews play in making a potentially life changing decision.

About Rehab Centers

Rehabilitation centers exist to get dependent individuals off of their substance of abuse and teach them how to live their lives in sobriety. Environment plays a major role in this process as many addicted individuals attend a rehab center to remove themselves from an environment where they have not been able to achieve abstinence. In this way treatment centers should provide a safe haven, an environment that is drug-free where change can occur. There are two major types of rehab programs, inpatient and outpatient, and this article will focus specifically on inpatient or residential rehab facilities.

Overcoming addiction is a difficult process, and many addicts never make it through the doors of rehab center. In fact, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) estimates that only 4 million of the 22 million substance dependent adults in the United States sought help for their addiction in 2012. Given the severity of the condition of addiction and its chronic nature, many clients who enter treatment fail to achieve life-long sobriety. Addiction recovery can be a long-term process, and the choice of rehab center can make the difference between success and failure.

Individuals who do make the decision to enter a treatment center should be able to do so with the peace of mind that the facility they will be attending is safe. This could involve its geographic location, security and whether or not it is a closed campus where clients can’t come and go as they please. One of the characteristics of addiction is craving, or an overwhelming urge to use a substance in periods of abstinence, so a rehab center should do everything in their power to ensure that their clients aren’t able to act on these urges. Criminal activity is also associated with addiction, so security is important to keep clients and their possessions safe.

A rehab center’s environment should be clean and livable. This doesn’t mean that the center has to be on the beach with an ocean view, but it does mean that clients should expect to feel comfortable for the duration of their stay. A client’s main concern should be their recovery, so residing in a chaotic environment would serve as a distraction from what is really important. Some rehab centers use interactions with other clients as a tool to build both personal and social responsibility, and may require its residents to do chores or pitch in with the upkeep of the facility. This practice is fine as long as everyone pitches in and the center is kept clean.

How Rehab Center Reviews Work and What To Look For

With what could be considered an overwhelming amount of rehab options to choose from, knowing what to look for and where to find it is important. Individual needs are paramount when first narrowing down potential facilities. Not everyone can afford or has the time to attend a year-long rehab that employs 5 star chefs and offers a PGA golf course. Rehab requires a considerable commitment of both time and resources, and everyone will have personal factors to consider in deciding what will be the best fit for them.

Rehab center reviews can offer a lot of information to make the decision-making process easier. Since the majority of rehabilitation centers advertise their services on the perks or amenities they offer their clients, reviews can also serve to distract a person from what is important about addiction treatment. To be sure that you are focused on what is actually important for effective care here is a list of things to look for in a rehab center review:

    • Location – Where is the center located? Is it in bad neighborhood? Is it accessible for families and loved ones to visit? Is there foot traffic in the area?
    • Safety – How does the center assure the safety of its clients?
    • Environment – Is the center clean and livable? What do clients like about the facility? Is everything necessary for recovery provided and accessible?
    • Security – Are client movements monitored 24 hours a day? Can clients come and go as they please? Is there adequate security staff for the number of clients in the center?
    • Customer satisfaction – How do clients who have stayed at the center rate it? Are customer reviews readily available? Do former clients recommend the facility to others?
    • Rehab staff – Is the staff trained, and what are the qualifications? Is there a good ratio of counselors to clients? Is the staff helpful and supportive?
    • Success rates and statistics – Does the center follow-up with clients to see if they remain sober? How does the rehab measure its success rate? What statistics are available which show the center is effective?

A good rehab center should be able to provide an endless amount of reviews in order for potential clients to gain an understanding of what to expect for all the above elements. These reviews can provide reassurance that a center will fit your needs, and produce the results that you are looking for.